Hay Day is an excellent game for developing your own animal shelter

Hay Day farms are an excellent choice for players who want to enjoy through farming. In developing Supercell had taken care of all the aspects of farming. The player can easily purchase and easily use the animals in the farms development. When a player is playing Hay Day he needs to find out a secured place for the animals. The shelters are quite safe for the animals and the cost incurred is quite reasonable. The shelters cost dome specific amount. The animal shelters are available more than one in number. This also increases the cost with each of the shelters you go on adding. The player is advised to follow the rules and the demands of the game. The aim main is to harvest the crops and growing them with full interests. The player must have good knowledge about the harvesting of crops.

Guide for growing different types of crops in Hay Day

It is very obvious that the main aim of the farmer is to make ample profit and get free diamonds in hay day. The farmers can count plants in all total twentyone plants at one time. Each of the plants would surely worth some specific amount of coins and sell it in the market with a specific amount when the growth is matured enough. Some of the crops are previously harvested and needs some time for its perfect cultivation.

All the varieties of Hay Day crops are used as different products of the harvesting farm. Even the farmers who are involved in cultivation receive a certain amount of points upon the experiences gathered by repeated cultivation. Harvesting all the types of crops is the main aim. The types of harvesting that are required to be cultivated are wheat, corn, carrots, soybean, sugarcane, indigo cultivation, chili pepper, tomatoes, and pumpkin. Each of the cultivation needs to be done with deep concentration and sincerity.

Growing and harvesting strategies with the game Hay Day

Growing wheat is really a fantastic job and takes only two minutes for maturation. The players are rewarded with 1 experience points for each of the harvest. Corns are good crops that can be grown at each level. At level 5 soybeans can be grown. There are many other ways players can grow their harvest. Farmers can head down towards the river for fishing. Catching fish in several fishing areas can make you gather various kinds of valuable fishes. Drag it through the water and move the bait slowly to collect some memorable rewards. If the water is covered with fog, but once the atmosphere is cleared you can easily go for fishing.

Farmers may also need some specific fishing spot. They can explore their own points. Particularly the rocky areas shallow pools and the reefs are good choices. Once the players reach 27th level fishing is possible in different places. The game provides you with different versions and modes that bring you close to a lot of excitement and challenges. The game is extremely beneficial for the young stars to know all the intricate things about farming.

LG Incite Reviews Out for First US Smartphone

How will the LG Incite measure up against the LG kf600, LG 510, or the LG KF 700? Does it even matter, since this is LG’s first smartphone for the US? Chances are if you aren’t living in England or Canada or Australia, you’ll find those other models irrelevant. What is already happening for United States customers, however, are the immediate appearances of reviews and comparisons against similar phones available to their current market… and although there is some enthusiastic and positive response, the consensus isn’t all favorable.
AT T; now has the LG Incite available to purchase on their online store, according to a recent Mobile Burn review. Features include a full 3-inch touch-screen and 3 megapixel camera, plus GPS receiver and WiFi connectivity. There is a 2 year contract, but it is available to purchase as of today and costs (after mail-in rebate) $199.99. Of course, service plans may vary based on your needs. Mobile Burn is describing it as “slightly media-minded”. Will this be sufficient for already-picky American consumers?

Perhaps not all of them. A common complaint already appearing in articles and reviews of the LG Incite, as evident in Mark Wilson’s recent Gizmodo blog and the comments which follow, is that the smartphone simply has too much “wasted real estate”. The 3 inch screen’s available features in relation to the rest of the device appears to be perhaps too bulky and disproportionate, not appropriately taking advantage of its potential for its size. As far as cellphones go, LG isn’t necessarily offering the US anything super new; savvy users have been contented with many of the features offered by their iPhones and may see no reason to make a switch now. Many people are not thrilled with the fact that LG Incite utilizes Windows, and included in the device is a Windows Media Player.

Still, it’s pretty impressive to those who care that AT T; has the broadest wireless international coverage of any US carrier (according to Wilson), which would make it ideal for business-minded people, frequent travelers, or just those who appreciate cellphone reliability in any situation. It is sure to have its admirers. After all, people have been anticipating this release for a little while now, speculating on whether or not released LG CT810 pictures were indeed the new “Incite”– like Chris Ziegler with Engadget Mobile. Hopefully others, like Chris, will appreciate this release and not find the dimensions, screen, or Windows options to be too cumbersome after all– and surely AT T; and LG are going to make a lot of technologically-trendy American consumers very happy today, despite any criticisms and comparisons to other names and brands.

AT T; Launches LG Incite touchscreen smartphone, Mobile Burn

Mark Wilson, LG Incite: LG’s First US Smartphone Available at AT T;, Gizmodo

Chris Ziegler, LG CT810 “Incite” for AT T; gets pictured, we think, Engadget Mobile

Review: Blackberry 8520 Curve – an Innovative Smartphone

With luring looks, Blackberry 8520 is by far the most optimum Smartphone on the market. Thoughtfully designed with several stunning features, which provide easy and fast communication in this advancing world we live in now.
With a 2G handset compatible with GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 standards, Blackberry 8520 has managed to captive users from everywhere with immense features. Compared to other models almost equivalent, this Smartphone has amazing connectivity capabilities that are problem free. To achieve this state of flawless connectivity abilities it is well equipped with Class 10 GPRS, Class 10 EDGE and Wi-Fi. In addition, the handset has a built in v2.0 Bluetooth, along side an A2DP and microUSB to allow the ease of data transfer.

With the Blackberry 8520, you do not need to carry around a separate audio player. This Smartphone will easily cater to that in a more stylish and reliable way. With many different audio file formats available, the handset can easily tackle many of these various forms of files from MP3, WMA to WAV file formats. In addition, it comes with H.263 and H.264 file format support for your video viewing pleasure. Besides these two forms of entertainment, the Smartphone also comes with very good games for you to enjoy.

Nicely fitted with a 2-mega pixel camera, the Blackberry 8520 gives you much freedom to take pictures. For high quality pictures, the handset can be set to a high resolution of 1600×1200 pixels. If you need to keep your memories in a different unique way, you can use the QVGA mode to record videos. The Blackberry 8520 has several add-ons that come with it to add more appeal to it. The 3.5mm audio jack gives the Smartphone hands free capabilities and making it more comfortable to use. Moreover, the Smartphone comes with on board dedicated music keys, which will ease the task of browsing through a huge pile of music files. Not only does it help with music, it also provides you with an HTML browser that enables users to surf through various websites.

The Blackberry QWERTY keyboard device makes typing a walk in the park and making it a fast messaging device. Just to round up the remaining amazing features of this handset, it has a touch-sensitive optical track pad, a TFT screen with a resolution of up to 320×240 pixels measuring 2.46 inches in size. Therefore, if you are looking for a real advanced easy to use Smartphone able to display a good 65k colors. Blackberry 8520 Curve is your answer.