Hay Day is an excellent game for developing your own animal shelter

Hay Day farms are an excellent choice for players who want to enjoy through farming. In developing Supercell had taken care of all the aspects of farming. The player can easily purchase and easily use the animals in the farms development. When a player is playing Hay Day he needs to find out a secured place for the animals. The shelters are quite safe for the animals and the cost incurred is quite reasonable. The shelters cost dome specific amount. The animal shelters are available more than one in number. This also increases the cost with each of the shelters you go on adding. The player is advised to follow the rules and the demands of the game. The aim main is to harvest the crops and growing them with full interests. The player must have good knowledge about the harvesting of crops.

Guide for growing different types of crops in Hay Day

It is very obvious that the main aim of the farmer is to make ample profit and get free diamonds in hay day. The farmers can count plants in all total twentyone plants at one time. Each of the plants would surely worth some specific amount of coins and sell it in the market with a specific amount when the growth is matured enough. Some of the crops are previously harvested and needs some time for its perfect cultivation.

All the varieties of Hay Day crops are used as different products of the harvesting farm. Even the farmers who are involved in cultivation receive a certain amount of points upon the experiences gathered by repeated cultivation. Harvesting all the types of crops is the main aim. The types of harvesting that are required to be cultivated are wheat, corn, carrots, soybean, sugarcane, indigo cultivation, chili pepper, tomatoes, and pumpkin. Each of the cultivation needs to be done with deep concentration and sincerity.

Growing and harvesting strategies with the game Hay Day

Growing wheat is really a fantastic job and takes only two minutes for maturation. The players are rewarded with 1 experience points for each of the harvest. Corns are good crops that can be grown at each level. At level 5 soybeans can be grown. There are many other ways players can grow their harvest. Farmers can head down towards the river for fishing. Catching fish in several fishing areas can make you gather various kinds of valuable fishes. Drag it through the water and move the bait slowly to collect some memorable rewards. If the water is covered with fog, but once the atmosphere is cleared you can easily go for fishing.

Farmers may also need some specific fishing spot. They can explore their own points. Particularly the rocky areas shallow pools and the reefs are good choices. Once the players reach 27th level fishing is possible in different places. The game provides you with different versions and modes that bring you close to a lot of excitement and challenges. The game is extremely beneficial for the young stars to know all the intricate things about farming.