LG Incite Reviews Out for First US Smartphone

How will the LG Incite measure up against the LG kf600, LG 510, or the LG KF 700? Does it even matter, since this is LG’s first smartphone for the US? Chances are if you aren’t living in England or Canada or Australia, you’ll find those other models irrelevant. What is already happening for United States customers, however, are the immediate appearances of reviews and comparisons against similar phones available to their current market… and although there is some enthusiastic and positive response, the consensus isn’t all favorable.
AT T; now has the LG Incite available to purchase on their online store, according to a recent Mobile Burn review. Features include a full 3-inch touch-screen and 3 megapixel camera, plus GPS receiver and WiFi connectivity. There is a 2 year contract, but it is available to purchase as of today and costs (after mail-in rebate) $199.99. Of course, service plans may vary based on your needs. Mobile Burn is describing it as “slightly media-minded”. Will this be sufficient for already-picky American consumers?

Perhaps not all of them. A common complaint already appearing in articles and reviews of the LG Incite, as evident in Mark Wilson’s recent Gizmodo blog and the comments which follow, is that the smartphone simply has too much “wasted real estate”. The 3 inch screen’s available features in relation to the rest of the device appears to be perhaps too bulky and disproportionate, not appropriately taking advantage of its potential for its size. As far as cellphones go, LG isn’t necessarily offering the US anything super new; savvy users have been contented with many of the features offered by their iPhones and may see no reason to make a switch now. Many people are not thrilled with the fact that LG Incite utilizes Windows, and included in the device is a Windows Media Player.

Still, it’s pretty impressive to those who care that AT T; has the broadest wireless international coverage of any US carrier (according to Wilson), which would make it ideal for business-minded people, frequent travelers, or just those who appreciate cellphone reliability in any situation. It is sure to have its admirers. After all, people have been anticipating this release for a little while now, speculating on whether or not released LG CT810 pictures were indeed the new “Incite”– like Chris Ziegler with Engadget Mobile. Hopefully others, like Chris, will appreciate this release and not find the dimensions, screen, or Windows options to be too cumbersome after all– and surely AT T; and LG are going to make a lot of technologically-trendy American consumers very happy today, despite any criticisms and comparisons to other names and brands.

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